Water can be a trickle or a torrent, and both are equally powerful

Water is the Pure Element of fluidity, intelligence, and cunning. Transparent and ever-flowing, it seeps through the cracks in stone as easily as it can smash them to pieces. Water mages are cunning and intelligent, opportunistic and sometimes cold. Never underestimate what a drop of water can do, especially not in the hands of a sorcerer.

Further SpecializationsEdit

Water is a Pure Element, and can be specialized into a surprising number of secondary elements through combinations with the others. The possible combinations are infinite, but these are the most common variations.

  • Cold: Air and Water combine into Cold, the ability to create crystalline shards of ice and blasts of snow.
  • Clay: Combined with Earth, Water allows the manipulation of thick and heavy clay.
  • Steam: Combined with Fire, it becomes Steam, the ability to manipulate blasts of scalding vapor.
  • Blood: Combined with Dark, Water allows the user to manipulate the blood flow and pulse.
  • Mirror: Light and Water combine into Mirror magic, the ability to copy and duplicate an element for a short amount of time.
  • Time: Combined with Aster, water becomes Time, the ability to manipulate the temporal stream directly. The physical and mental costs of this are huge on the caster, but they seem to allow the sorcerer to stop, slow down, or speed up time without affecting themselves.

Secondary SpecializationsEdit

There are other, rarer recombinations of the element of Water that are mastered by fewer sorcerers, requiring additional practice.

  • Erosion: Recombined with Earth, it becomes Erosion, the ability to use thread-thin strands of liquid magic to seep into the flaws and cracks of almost any material and tear it apart, causing the dissolution of almost any solid.
  • Acid: Recombined with Fire, it becomes Acid, the ability to produce blasts of vitriolic, scalding liquid that eat through materials with terrifying efficiency.
  • Cloud: Recombined with Air, it becomes Cloud, the ability to levitate and fly as well as manipulate misty blasts of nimbus cloud.
  • Premonition: Recombined with Light, it becomes Premonition, the ability to see visions of the extreme future or past, as well as the temporary ability to percieve the movements of an oponent several seconds in advance.
  • Ink: Recombined with Dark, it becomes Ink, the ability to manipulate pools of pitch-black ink that seep into the veins and souls of the sorcerer's enemies, poisoning them.

Elementals, Deity, and RealmEdit

The elementals of Water are the Merpeople, and the god of the seas is Neptulos. The realm of water is Atalan.