The great thunderbird by sangel99-d3h5qdc

Thunderbrids are responsible for storms, hiding in the clouds as they release waves of sound and sparks.

The Thunderbirds are the stormy elementals of lightning, creatures born from Air and Light. Nesting far above the clouds, Thunderbirds have a wingspan of several hundred metres, and the shadow of one passing overhead can block out the sun. Legendary beasts of immense power, they can fire sizzling bolts of lightning from the heavens with a glance.

Legend says that it is possible to tame a Thunderbird and ride into battle on its back, but this has never occurred in living memory.

It is confirmed, however, that a single feather of a Thunderbird can be used as an infinite source of electrical power. The metallic feathers are sometimes even forged into weapons for sorcerers and used to power their war machines and mechanical constructions.