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The Beast commands packs of Hounds

The Beast is as old as Magic itself, born from the ravenous hungering of the abyss. A being of sentient hatred and primal anger, it rarely awakens from the darkness, remaining a last resort in the armies of Lilith. The Beast is so bloodthirsty it can attack and destroy its own troops without a second thought, only sated if it remains alone among a pile of dismembered bodies and slavering hellhounds.


The beast is considered the alpha of the Hounds and the Lucareth. In his presence, they mutate and warp into more powerful Others, their resistance increasing further to make them nigh unstoppable. Both become infused with Hellfire, and lose their weakness to light and silver, becoming twisted monstrosities that stop at nothing.


The Beast carries the greatsword known as Hellfang, a weapon forged by the Defiled. Glowing red-hot as if it was only just pulled from the forge, Hellfang has the terrifying attribute of filling the veins of anyone it touches with sentient hellfire, corrupted flames that burn them into feverish corpses animated by the spark of flames within, relentlessly attacking friend and foe with gouts of sulphorous heat that burst from their skin.