Tengu itachi by frenzyvammi-d4koyqu

Tengu warriors traditionally wear masks stained with blood.

The Tengu Cartel are the main Secret of Japan, an ancient group of sorcerers focusing around an incredibly covert society that places accentuation on secrecy and rituals. Very little is known about the Cartel but the fact that they worship and idolize the Tengu a malefic deity of luck, chance, and violence.

They practice rituals that are said to increase the luck of an individual to the point where they become unstoppable. Coupled with training in physical fighting, often weaponless, this means that the Cartel relies very little, if at all, on actual magic.

It should be noted that the Cartel is named this way because of their secret involvement in the gambling industry. Several casinos are owned by the Cartel, and they are the second richest of any Secret, besides the Guild.

Tengu warriors wear masks in the shape of a raven beak that is stained a dark, crimson red by the blood of their enemies. An enchantment keeps the blood wet and fresh even after years and years, so the mask appears perpetually soaked.

As the name suggests, the Cartel deals in narcotics of many kinds, and it is thought some of their products possess the same luck-improving qualities their rituals have, and in fact, the rituals likely work only because of  the involvment of said narcotics. 


Like many things about the Cartel, their triad is extremely mysterious and makes no sense from the perspective of an external sorcerer. The Triad is in fact a single entity, one being dressed in a long black robe with three white masks. One face corresponds to one of each of the triad roles, the Rhymer, Lorekeeper, and Alchemist.

The Shinigami: The Shinigami is a strange, black-robed being. Shaped like a human with extremely long limbs, it has three pure-white masks that obscure its three faces. When they speak they speak in one voice, extremely quiet and soft. The Shinigami has never been seen in a fight, but is expected to be formidable due to the respect the other Cartel members owe them. The Shinigami is considered genderless, and doubts exist as to whether it was ever actually human.