Art Izzet 06 DanScott

Technomancing tools synthesize elements of Magic.

Technomancers are humans that combine the powers of Magic or Occultism with technology, usually the applied synthesis technology made by KOSMOS.

Although they are loosely defined as Sorcerers, Technomancers rely heavily and usually solely on technological means to reinforce their abilities and imitate the use of the elements. In this fashion, as they are mostly the creators of their tools themselves, their technique resembles the craft of the Alchemist.

One of their most frequently used tools and arguably the symbol of technomancy is the Synthesis Glove, a tool resembling a large hand cannon or glove that is able to combine two elements of magic into one of the secondary elements using spheres of crystallized Nexus energy. A Synthesis Glove powered by a crystal charged with Air and one charged with Light would therefore be capable of shooting blasts of Lighting and controlling arcs of electrical energy.