Talisman crescent n red

A Talisman of protection against fire.

A Talisman is a complex spell belonging to the school of White Occultism. It relies on the association of planetary symbols, alchemic associations, herbs and oils to create an object that is imbued with occult protection. Talismans function in a very similar way to the artefacts and creations of the Alchemists, but they are remarkable because they draw strength not from the creator, but the latticework of connections (known by some as the threads of Magic) that exist between all things.

A completed Talisman is surprisingly effective, even though occultism is rarely powerful enough to pose a threat to sorcerers, and it gives the bearer varying degrees of resistance and protection from one of the six elements of magic.

Legend speaks of six perfect talismans known as the Tears of Solomon, each one realized at exactly the right moment for their alignments to be the most effective. The result is a complete and utter immunity to one particular element of magic, giving the bearer protection against all entities that draw from it, even the Deities. It should be noted however that no person can wear more than one of the Tears, or the strength of the talismans will tear them apart. The location of the Tears of Solomon is, thankfully for the sorcerers, unknown.