Sword SingersEdit

A Secret of sorcerers all trained as Alchemists and Rhymers. They create different kinds of weapons: war hammers, knives, great swords. Anything like that. Their specialty is creating Swords. Swords so fine they're rumored to be capable of splitting the anvils they are forged on. This is accomplished through the Rhymers all singing the same spell, whilst Alchemists pour magic into the sword as they forge it.


Sword Singers came into being when two small Secrets, who were failing for power and money, joined together and trained their sorcerers as either Alchemists or Rhymers. Those that couldn't become either were trained almost as well as War Dancers.


They are located in a rural part of England, away from the prying eyes of non-magic folk, where they are able to trade and produce their goods freely.


There are only 2 leaders, who could be seen as the Lore Keepers. They mainly deal with trading and relations between the Secrets, with their other Sorcerers forging almost all the time. The leaders are called, Daethirium Goryne and Thryn Revere.

Daetherium GoryneEdit

Daetherium was born as a sorcerer. He became the LoreKeeper of a Secret when he was only 13 y/o. Currently at the age of 156, he has no wife or children. He puts his work first and second above everything.

Thryn RevereEdit

Born into a noble family of Victorian England, he spent most of his time in education or courting. Always putting off proposal, much to the dissapointment of his father.