Succubi use a combination of beauty and magic to seduce their victims.

Succubi are the children of mortal humans or Sorcerers and Demons. They are a form of Cambion, and come in both male and female forms, known as Incubi or Succubi. Both types have demonic traits, such as vestigial wings, small horns, claws or strangely colored eyes. They usually have the ability to hide this, passing for a normal human.

Succubi and incubi both inherit the ability to manipulate Dark, as well as a slight affinity for Magic from their sorcerous parent if they have one, but there is a cost to this. They must feed on the vital energy of other humans, usually through seduction, and absorbing it through the skin with a touch.

Succubi usually have strange black markings on their skin, like faint tattoos, that are somehow reminiscent of the curl of fire. When they use their abilities these tattoos glow like embers, and their irises glimmer like coals.


Most Succubi are shapeshifters and have the ability to cloak themselves in an attractive illusion, using it to beguile and seduce their victims. Once they have succeeded in this, they absorb the energy of the victim through a touch, usually creating a pleasant tingling sensation in the victim, akin to physical pleasure. Most Succubi use the medium of sex to steal energy, the victim rarely surviving the full contact without becoming lifeless corpses with blackened blood.