1-08-7 disciple of the world serpent by mike may

Every Shaman or spiritist can attune themselves with their animal spirit.

Spiritism is a form of Occultism that relies on the connection between every person and their guardian 'spirit'; an animal-like creature that most resembles them and watches over them from birth. These spirits can be anything from mundane animals to Elementals; each person has their own, though most are not aware of it. Spiritists can attune themselves with their spirit guardian and use it as a weapon; the creature will fight with them, in the shape of a semi-solid being.

Ethereal and shapeshifting, spirit companions are a powerful resort for occultists. Unlike spells and rituals, they need little preparation and can be summoned by both White Occultists and Black Occultists though the type of spirit varies with both. Sorcerers rarely attune themselves with their spirit companions or use them as weapons, mainly because their own manipulation of elemental power makes it difficult to balance the power of an added companion. Spirit animals have been known to die in some cases, a situation which can be dire for the caster who loses a fragment of their own soul.