Magic is as powerful as it is varied.

Sorcerers are humans who have mastered the arcane teachings and intricate secrets of Magic. Every human has the innate ability to master magic, the only requirements being a belief in their own abilities and their power being awakened by the Nexus.

Most Sorcerers are affiliated to a Secret, but some choose to betray or abandon their kind and pursue magic alone, or give in to the incessant and ravenous hunger of the Others.

The longevity of sorcerers should also be noted. Users of Magic all have surprisingly long lives, and much faster growth as children. Sorcerers with an Awakened spark will grow to adulthood in a series of months and be essentially immortal from then on. No sorcerer has ever died of old age.


Crystal ball by destinysolo

A Nexus Sphere connects directly with the heart of power at the core of the Earth.

All humans posess the Spark of magic, but it must be ignited for them to be able to use it. The process of Awakening is simple. A sorcerer is taken by the Triad of a Secret to their connection with the Nexus, and are given the opportunity to choose an element to begin with, generally a Primal one. Once this has been achieved, the sorcerer is taught by the more experienced members of the Secret until they have reached enough strength to become teachers themselves, and so on.


Some sorcerers become the Avatar of an elemental deity, meaning that that god or goddess watches over them and fills them with their strength. Every deity can have only one avatar at a given time. Usually Avatars serve the deity with a host of elementals by their side. A deity can sometimes posess an avatar, taking full control of their body to channel their power, though this can harm the mortal vessel.