Sidhe are incredibly beautiful, and their chief weapon is hypnotism

There is more to the Abyss than ugliness, and the cold beauty of the dark is embodied in the Sidhe. Manipulative and seductive, they resemble unbelievably beautiful humans with pale skin and sable hair. Their pitch-black gaze is stangely hypnotic, and it has the terrifying appeal of imminent destruction. Their voices are soft and tempting, and their songs will take your breath away. Most sorcerers attacked by Sidhe don't even notice their heart being torn out when the beast decides to kill.

Their hypnotic nature is the chief power of a Sidhe. Even without them using their magic, the fluid and predatory grace with which they move is confounding. 

They also have the ability to manipulate Illusion, making them the only form of Other that can use a variant of the Light. They are also surprisingly resistant to it, which has lead to theories that the Sidhe were once beings of light themselves. The song of a Sidhe is the most hypnotic tune in existence, and can wipe the mind of any sorcerer to a calm and peaceful blankness, as well as an apathic acceptance of their imminent death.

Sidhe are slightly different from most forms of Other, having inheritent a surprising resistance to the element of Light. However, Sidhe are painfully wounded by physical contact with salt or iron, which burns them like molten metal. An iron blade dipped in salt will kill a Sidhe almost instantly, if the bearer of the blade can get close enough to use it. This common weakness with the Fae has lead many Lorekeepers to believe that fae corrupted by the Abyss become Sidhe.