Archangel (possibly)

Seraphim resemble Angels but possess a second pair of wings.

Seraphim are the recombined Elementals of Heavenfire , the combination of Light and Fire. Resembling Angels, they are more powerful denizens of Elysium and serve the orders of Apollion and the Archangels.

Each Seraphim is armed with a longsword, bow, or lance that is forged in the purest fires of the heavens, and cast from a glassy substance known as Seraphite. Filled with a spark of flame taken from the sun itself, Seraphite weapons are incredibly valuable and extremely effective against the forces of Darkness .

Seraphim possess the ability to turn themselves into raging pillars of holy fire, celestial white flames that burn through the shadows. A feather from a Seraphim also contains a vestige of their innate flame. It is important to note however that Seraphim, although powerful, are more volatile and easier to destroy than Angels; enough physical damage will cause them to explode in a nova of white-hot flame.