Seers are capable of manipulating portals through the Earth.

Seers are the recombined elementals of Premonition, formed through the combination of Light and Water. Humanoid beings with deceptively beatiful forms, they are austere and cold creatures who are driven away from others due to their horrifying abilities.

Other than invisibility and the creation of golden portals, the only power the Seers can muster is that of precognition. Often struck by visions of the future, in dreams or fits, they have no choice but to see what their gift chooses to show them. As such, many seers have already witnessed their own death, or the death of those they love, giving them a cold, calculating demaneour that separates them from others.

Despite their name, many seers wear cloth over their glowing eyes, because every time a seer crosses the gaze of another sentient creature, it is forced to see the future death of that being. Time is not constant nor is it predictable, and as such the death they percieve changes often. Nonetheless, they will see each and every one.