Seahorse Nebula

The elements that formed the world assembled around a spark of purified magic, the Nexus.

The Earth was formed long ago, a swirling eddy of dust and rock that coalesced into a planet round the gravitational pull of a spark of purest energy, a fiery fragment of power called the Nexus. Life sparked from the elements that grew together on the surface, and the magic hidden at the core of the world. Most people are unaware of this in the modern world, finding no explanation for strange occurrences that science can't explain or prove and most religions deem unholy.

The world could go on dreaming, unaware of the spark at its core, if it were not for the Others. Like moths drawn to a lamp, these slavering beasts of darkness hunger for the Nexus, tearing rifts in the very fabric of reality to slip through from the Abyss, attempting to extinguish every last spark of magic, and through that, every last spark of life.

The Secrets were formed to stop them, groups of humans who unlocked the potential of the magic that slumbered inside them and became sorcerers. From the basalt halls of Babylon to the gilded mirrors of Versailles, each Secret sprung up from the greatest cultures and nations of the world to protect and defend the Deities, the living hearts of all six elements. The war rages on, as it has since the dawn of time, but now Secrets fight each other for influence and power. The Great Game rages between Heaven and Hades, and the future has never seemed more uncertain... good and evil have lost the clarity they once had.