Porcelain tower original

The famed Porcelain Tower is the sanctum of the Council.

The Porcelain Council is an ancient secret, dedicated to the study of magic in every aspect, and especially the study of air. Rigourously trained through a series of honor codes and martial techniques, the sorcerers of the Council represent the most influential Secret of the oriental world.

The Council's greatest weapon is possibly its military strength, as well as a cohort of trained lungh that their warriors ride into battle. 

Since the fall of the Court of Versailles, this organisation is probably the most effective, and Others and Secrets alike fear the repercussions of angering the Porcelain Empress.


The Terracotta Legion is beyond counting, each statue devastatingly powerful.


The power of the Council comes mainly from the legion it commands, a horde of living terracotta constructs known as the Terracotta Soldiers. Made in a way very similar to golems, but with higher intelligence and speed, the Soldiers all contain an actual beating heart and veins of human blood. Sorcerers can become Soldiers via a transformation ritual guarded jealously by the Council.


The Triad of the Council follows a rigorous code of honor and succession, the children of triad members becoming members themselves in the event of the death of their parents, and this monarchic tradition has been upheld for generations. There is also a ranking difference between them, the famed Porcelain Empress is the most powerful of the three, the other two serving as her advisors.

-The Porcelain Empress is an enigmatic woman of indescribable beauty. The ruler of the Council, she is rarely seen even by them, spending most of her time in the sacred tower. She is the rhymer of her triad.

-Vizir Fei is a patient and self-effacing man, but he has been known for centuries to be the most talented alchemist in any of the Secrets. He has his own forges in the roots of the tower, and interestingly most of the blades he wields are made from ceramic.

-Vizir Yuan is as enigmatic as her Empress, and remains the lorekeeper shrouded in the most mystery and flair. Legend has it that in the upper levels of the Tower, she records information not on papyrus scrolls, but by carving the secrets of magic into the porcelain bricks around her.


" 我们不落 "

-We do not fall.