Few beings are as beautiful and mysterious as the Pheonix.

The Pheonix is the Elemental of Flare, the combination of the energies of Light and Fire. Extremely rare, the Pheonix is known to many cultures and myths. Most accounts say there is only one Pheonix in existence at a time; although this is false, there are never more than ten in existence.

The Pheonix's most interesting attribute is not its rarity, however, but the power of resurrection. The Pheonix is the only creature capable of recovering entirely from death, a feat it achieves by burning itself into ash and being born again from the remains.

The reason a Pheonix is so cherished, however, is because this immortality can be passed on... if the heart of a Pheonix his cut out and eaten, it will give the person that devours it immortality and the ability to regenerate when wounded. There are even whispers that the heart of a Pheonix can bring back the dead, with their soul and mind intact and their body like it was before, unlike the false resurrection used by the Fallen.