Large 98 Ravnica Forest

The halls of Petros are formed from living trees and stone.

Petra is the realm of Earth, the home of the fae and the dominion of the god Atlar. A palace of living stone and wood, it grows and changes over time, sometimes shifting entirely on a whim. Beautifully carved, it is hidden in the very heart of the deepest forests, protected by the elves and other fae who live there.

Enigmatic and alluring, Petra is renowned for the fact that the realm itself is alive and possesses its own mind. The humanoid avatar of Petra is carved into a stone tree in the palace of Atlar. She takes the form of a magnificient statue, speaking slowly and deliberately, her marble form moving with the deliberate pace of patience. Petra is sometimes known as "She" for this reason, and considered a living entity by many beings of earth. Harming Her in any way will bring down the wrath of all faekind, as well as many other elementals that revere her. 

Some consider Petra to be the wife and lover of Atlar, although none can confirm this. It is known however that the Mortal Goddess of the Temple of Bastet is a priestess associated with her cult. The Temple calls her Bastet, and she is the central figure of their religion, though extensive modifications have occured through the structure of the temple, and Bastet could easily be considered a separate entity.