Armored pegasis

Pegasi are loyal mounts, created by infusing steeds with Angel blood.

The Pegasi are the steed of the Chevaliers, created by infusing mortal horses with the blood and will of Angels. Sometimes known as the Elementals of Courage, Pegasi are remarkable creatures with a strong and loyal bond to their rider.

Every squire in the order of the Chevaliers is paired with a Pegasus foal on the first day of their training. Over time, through rituals and shared experiences, the pair grow close as they are trained into an efficient and powerful duo. Pegasi have sentience, and can speak telepathically to their bonded Chevalier and communicate with one another. 

If the rider of a Pegasus is killed, the Pegasus will also die. A chevalier can live without the bond formed with their companion but a pegasus cannot.