Others have existed since the dawn of time, born from the pure darkness in-between realities, and they hunger ceaselessly for magic. Essences of entropy, Others are a living embodiment of the Abyss. They want nothing more than to shatter the Earth like an egg to feast on the Nexus it contains, and they will never stop trying.

The Secrets are the only defense the Earth has against the Others.

Types of Others

Others exist in incalculable multitudes, spawned from the shadows in varied forms and shapes. Lorekeepers record the most common forms of Other they encounter, and inform sorcerers of them.

The Abyssal Three

The Abyssal Three were spawned by the Others in response to the first Secret. A group of three Others more powerful and cunning than the rest, they were responsible for the destruction of the old Secret and hunger for the destruction of this one. Each Abyssal is a perverted and twisted reflection of one of the Triad.

  • The Defiled is the Abyssal reflection of the Alchemist. He was one himself, until he was seduced and corrupted by Lilith.
  • The Beast is the Abyssal reflection of the Lorekeeper. A being of pure, primal instinct, it is immensely powerful. Despite the bestial nature and impulsiveness of this creature, it remains terrifyingly cunning.
  • Lilith is the Abyssal reflection of the Rhymer. Sometimes called the Other Queen, she is the most powerful among them, and arguably the most powerful being in existence. Lilith seduced and corrupted Nathaniel, destroying the first generation of the secret.