Pentagram on the Candle

Candles are often used as tools in occultism.

Occultism is a variant of Magic accessible to humans that have not yet been awoken as Sorcerers. A more complex and ritualistic way of manipulating the elements and aspects that control the world, it is loosely divided into two categories; White Occultism and Black Occultism, by both intention and technique. 

Occultism relies highly on echoes of true magic that seep out of items associated with Light or Dark energies, which then power complex rituals and spells. Most practitioners of occultism are unaware of the full existence and potential of true magic.

Occult rituals bear a striking resemblance to a combination between the arts of the Alchemist and the Rhymer. Ingredients such as herbs, symbols, oils, blood, crystals and fabrics are combined into catalysts that can affect and influence the world, generally over an extended amount of time or in a more discreet, insidious manner than the sorcery associated with the Nexus.