The Nucklavee are horrifyingly vicious.

The Nucklavee are a kind of Other, repulsive creatures made from the remains of a horse and a human, fused together into a towering monstruosity of taught sinew and rotting flesh. Skinless and violent, they tear at their enemies with claws of raking bone.

The legend says that the Abyss first learned to make them when the Sorcerers started using cavalry. As the rider and the horse charged into battle a blast of necrotic energy flayed them both and fused their skinless bodies together, and the first Nucklavee were born.

Nucklavee are exceptionally strong, drawing on the power of the warped horse that makes up their lower body and the long-limbed human on top. They have sharp teeth or claws, and wounds caused by a Nucklavee get infected very quickly if not treated. Eventually, if the scratch goes too long without being healed, the skin of the victim will slough off and fall away, killing them. Nucklavee are, thankfully, weak to most things phyically powerful. Any blow or blade that could kill a typical horse and rider will eventually destroy them if used with enough determination. Nucklavee cannot be drowned or killed by starvation, but they bleed to death like a living being.