Neptunials wield sound as a weapon.

The Neptunials are a form of Planetar created when shards of the planet Neptune were infused with energy and sentience from the Nexus. Turquoise-skinned humanoids with milk-white eyes and feathery wings, the Neptunials have an intimidating appearance, standing taller than most mortals.

The Neptunials are sometimes called the Outer Ring planetars because of the fact that anything beyond the orbit of Neptune is out of the reach of the Nexus's power. Neptunials often form the first line of defense from abyssal attacks and thankfully repel many Others before they reach the Earth itself.

When they do descend, Neptunials possess a surprising ability formed from Light and Air; they can manipulate sound itself, creating booms of sonic power that repulse and damage their enemies. Though Neptunials are tight-lipped and often silent, their voice is deep and melodic, echoing strangely, and the scream of one of these Planetars packs enough strength to shatter stone.