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The Naga are beguiling creatures with a penchant for hedonism.

The Naga are the Elementals of Sand and the desert, born from the combination of Earth and Air. Serpentine, they do not possess legs, instead showing a tail from the waist down. As opposed to the Merpeople, the tail of a Naga is that of a snake. 

Complicated and ritualistic, Naga society is hidden away under the dunes. The Naga interact only very rarely with other beings, preferring to stay hidden and alone. They work under the authority of a Serpent Queen, serving her in every way with unquestionable loyalty that borders on devotion.

The legends claim that the Naga Queen is the origin of the myth of Medusa, and that her gaze turns any who challenge her to alabster... This may be true or false, but is is known that the Naga are extremely prolific sculptors, often leaving stone-carved statues that are unnervingly realistic lying in the sands, and have very close ties with the Gorgons...