Mephisto is unfailingly elegant and incredibly cruel.

"I am the whisper of cruelty. I am the temptation of sin. I am the charm of addiction, the promise of power, the prince of the vices. I am the Dark."Edit

God of DarkEdit

Mephisto is the Deity of Dark. Lord of the Demons and the charismatic ruler of Hades, he represents the seductive nature of power and evil. Mephisto has been known to aid sorcerers before, but only when he can get something out of the deal; usually a human soul or two.

Dangerous and conniving, Mephisto is an expert manipulator and not to be trusted. His use of shadows is unparalleled, and his manipulation of darkness is so formidable it has already been seen to destroy Others, despite the resistance they usually have to shadow magic.

The Great GameEdit

Apollion and Mephisto, the deities of Heaven and Hades, have been warring for eternity in a conflict known as the Great Game. The goal of this conflict is to gain influence over human morality and sway the minds and souls of the human race to the values of light or those of darkness. Never-ending and vicious, this battle takes up most of their time and efforts, leaving very little of either to fight the Abyss.