The shimmering Lungh serpent is extremely versatile.

Lungh are the glittering elementals of glass, reflections, and mirrors, and they are born from a combination of water and light. Sometimes called the "glass dragons" or "glass serpents", Lungh have an entirely transparent, ethereal body, with silver spines and snow-white hair.

As the elementals of mirror magic, the Lungh channel any element of the Nexus that they absorb. When exposed to magic, a Lungh will feed off of it, and then its color will shift until it becomes the color of the absorbed element. For a certain amount of time, it will continue to use that element as it grows paler and paler, and then eventually revert to the glossy white of its natural color.

Lungh are exceptionally rare, and they are often prized allies of a Secret, although they are too intelligent and spirited to be trained. They are capable of speaking the human tongue and retain a certain degree of wisdom, although they are playful creatures.