Werewolf by m1ken-d4cpu2o

Lucareth have the greatest physical strength of any living creature

Lucareth are lupine creatures that resemble humanoid wolves, with claws powerful enough to tear through stone and knife-sharp fangs dripping with saliva. Lucareth have an unparalleled resistance to magic, being almost entirely immune to all schools of it. They also show the greatest physical strength of any Other, which makes them quite literally the stuff of nightmares for many sorcerers. Luckily, Lucareth are only seen by the light of the waxing or full moon.

The black fur of the Lucareth is infused with the essence of the Abyss , making it incredibly resistant to magic. Blasts of magical power don't seem to touch it at all, spells barely hold it for a heartbeat, and even the best efforts of an Alchemist don't go very far in stopping a determined lucareth.. 

This nigh invulnerability to the arcane coupled with an incredible strength makes for an almost certainly fatal combination.

It seems that even the Lucareth have a weakness, although it may not seem the most evident. Silver repels them, causing blistering wounds to appear on their skin, and if it enters the bloodstream it wil quickly eat away at them from the inside out. A method developed by many Secrets to protect themselves from the Lucareth is to use crossbows loaded with silver bolts.