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The Book of Lore used by the previous Secret, burnt by Lilith

The Lorekeeper is a member of the Triad in a Secret. The duty of a Lorekeeper is to record the information gathered by the Secret, and to guide sorcerers both new and old that are members of it. Every Lorekeeper has the duty to protect that Secret's Book of Lore, as well as record new phenomenon and Others that they encounter.

Being members of the Triad, Lorekeepers can only master magic from the Theos tree, namely the elements of Light or Dark (A Lorekeeper may only choose one).

Book of LoreEdit

The Book of Lore is written and maintained by the Lorekeeper. It contains the knowledge of every Other encountered by the sorcerers in a given Secret, every arcane anomaly and quirk of the Nexus. Given the knowledge they contain, Books of Lore are a prime target for the Others, who destroy them at the slightest opportunity.

Fallen SecretEdit

The Court of Versailles is constructed on the remnants of a previous one, which was destroyed almost utterly by the Other queen, Lilith. The only survivor of this catastrophe was their Lorekeeper, Draeven, who lost all magical capacity by sacrificing his Spark in the battle.