Maybe a gorgon

Lethan are mysterious creatures that are rarely perceived.

Cosmic beings of order, the Lethan are akin to the Elementals in that they embody the cosmic force of separation and order. They are charged with separating the Mortal world from the world of sorcerers and Magic, and maintaining the secrecy of the Nexus and the Abyss. Neutral beings that take no side other than that of secrecy, they will only use their abilities if there is no other choice.

Resembling the Naga due to their serpentine tails, the Lethan use tools made from gold and a strange, milky crystal known as Lethium. The ability of this gem is unique, as it creates forgetfullness so powerful that the mind will deny seeing the feats of magic. Lethan use these crystals, and the staves known as Caduci, as tools to negate and hide the trace of magic, whether the source is elemental or Other. Like the Astrals, they exist purely to regulate magic and watch over the world.