Swords by ann jey-d6h1cr7

There are six legendary weapons, one for each element.

In the mythology and legend of the sorcerers, a specific text carved into the walls of Babylon speaks of six legendary weapons forged by the deities. Originally created from a spark of elemental power from the Nexus, like the gods themselves, these weapons were given to six Avatars, sorcerers who, for a time, channelled the power of the elemental gods.

One weapons was originally given to each of the Ancient Secrets. Using them to fight the darkness of the Others and the Abyss, they were originally powerful weapons that gave the sorcerers the upper hand in the war.

However, power breeds hubris, and the avatars of the deities began overstepping their boundaries. Taking control of Secrets or even slaying their own kind with the powerful weapons, they grew determined to collect the other weapons at all costs to increase their own power.

Faced with the failure of their avatars, the gods and goddesses destroyed the weapons, smashing them into fragments that scattered across the earth. To wield them again one would have to collect every fragment of a weapon and then beg the deity that created it to reforge the pieces together.

The Primal Weapons

Ignis and Calor: The Legendary Weapons of Fire, Ignis and Calor are twinned daggers, the blades made from a clear glassy substance filled with ruby-red light. The handles are brass, and the motif of a phoenix is carved into the hilt of both. Ignis and Calor must be wielded together, and holding one without the other will burn the hands of those that attempt it.

Tempest: Tempest is the Legendary Weapon of Air, a longbow made from silver and yew. It is unique in that it possesses no chord, and no notch for arrows; instead, a large diamond glimmers in the center of the curved bow. When fingers are brushed against it, a thread of solidified smoke thread manifests, firing a pulsating arrow of lightning from the diamond. The accuracy of Tempest is without fail.

Tide: The legendary weapon of Water, Tide is a whip made from tendrils of a glassy thread-like material, twisted and woven together into a long rope that tapers to a cobweb-thin tip. The handle is made of crystalline quartz, decorated with cobalt. Capable of thin lacerations or entrapping limbs, Tide is a versatile and deadly weapon.

Guardian: The Guardian is the legendary weapon of Earth, a staff made from the virescent, living stone of Petra, hardened and polished into a surface that, according to myth and legend, will yield to nothing between the light of Heaven and the fires of Hell. Decorated with a swirling pattern of small extrusions that are in fact primal seeds embedded inside it. The will of the wielder can cause them to open into tendrils of plant life, from thorny whips to flowers with irritant pollen.