White kitsune 2

The Kitsune are manipulative tricksters with a taste for mayhem

The Kitsune are the elementals of Clouds and Vapor, making them a combination of Fire and Water. Strangely, the Kitsune seem to have branched off very far from their original elements, and most of them spend more time among the clouds or bathing in warm pools on snowy mountains than in the elemental kingdoms of fire or water.

The Kitsune are the most effective shapeshifters of any elemental. They can adjust their form to near perfection as any kind of animal or beast, although they usually remain a pure, snowy white color.

The Kitsune are allies of most secrets, but they are manipulative and difficult, enjoying chaos and conflict more than order. An old sorcerer saying says "Only trust a Kitsune if it promises to stab you in the back.".