Thor frost giant concept 2 by michaelkutsche-d3hatrn

Jotun sorcerers sometimes show physical traits of their icy magic.

The Jotunn Tribe are a nordic Secret, operating mainly in the Scandinavian Peninsula, although their influence can spread much further north. Formed from sorcerers with a direct link to the magic of ice and snow, they are exceptionally powerful warriors and weaponsmiths, living in bastions made from iron, ice, and snow carved into almost impenetrable fortresses. Sometimes they even use fragments of ice as blades jutting out from their walls.

The Jotunn have a society divided by race, one operating as the workers, warriors, and miners while the other acts as nobles, scholars, and priests.

The first race, the Frost Giants, are large and blue-skinned, with icy motifs carved into them. Usually placid and obedient, they can enter a bloodthirsty rage when necessary.

The second race, the Asgardians, are fair-skinned and white-haired, resembling normal but slightly eerie humans. Usually showing delicate features reminiscent of frost, they are incredibly powerful sorcerers, to the point where ancient cultures called them gods.


The Triad of the Jotunn are considered the monarchs of the Tribe, living in a giant palace of crystalline ice. The way the light refracts and shimmers through this palace resembles a rainbow of light, and it has become known as the Bifrost. In the highest tower a shard of purest ice glistens, the source of the first frost mages. 

Ymir: Ymir is the first Frost Giant, and the first person to have discovered the shard of ice known as the Heart of Ymir. Despite the fact that with time his race have come to be considered inferior, Ymir rules the Triad of the Jotunn with an iron fist, but a just one. He is a master weaponsmith and the Alchemist of his Secret.

Freyja Blisterwind: Freyja is Ymir's consort and queen, as well as the most beautiful of the Asgardians. Despite this, she is incredibly cold and even cruel, delighting in the power she can summon at a whim. A touch from her pale lips can cause any living creature to freeze into a statue of ice, a fate that has become known as the Kiss of the White Queen. She keeps a garden of these morbid statues, often wandering among them. She is the Rhymer of her Triad, although she relies most on ice magic.

Boreas Blisterwind: Boreas is the child of Freyja and Ymir, and only just a man by Frost Giant standards. He is the only known hybrid of both races, and he inherited the beauty of the asgardians as well as the terrifying ability of frost manipulation. It should be noted that he is shy, however, unsure of his abilities. He is arguably more powerful than his father in frost magic, but his magic is linked to emotion, releasing itself uncontrollably with his emotions. He wears white gloves to help contain his magic, at all times. He enjoy reading and serves as a Lorekeeper for his father.