Imps may be small, but they secrete a deadly toxin

Imps are a form of Other, spawned from the Abyss to feed off Magic. They are small, humanoid creatures with emaciated figures and pale, leathery skin, often possessing thin wings and tails, with a sharp splinter of wood known as an Impthorn.

Imps are very minor Others, and easily destroyed. However, they are not to be underestimated, as they are still more than capable of killing a Sorcerers. Imps are messengers and cannon fodder in the swarm of the Others. Imps are surprisingly sadistic and brutal despite their small size, and delight in tearing flesh and skin at the slightest opportunity, coupled with a dangerous weapon that binds powers. Imps also secrete a deadly toxin that causes infectious burns and blisters on physical contact.

All Imps carry a long splinter of cursed wood called an Impthorn. This seemingly innocent weapon is wickedly sharp and has the power to bind the powers of a sorcerer if it pierces the skin. Once the imp has rendered the enemy temporarily powerless, it then has all the time in the world to tear it apart with needle-like teeth and claws and thoroughly enjoy itself in the process. Luckily for most sorcerers, Imps are no more resistant than Whisps, and can be destroyed easily with a well-placed blast of primal power. Magic based on Light is also much more effective against them.