Hydras are manipulative, dangerous beasts.

Hydras are the recombined elementals of Acid, the fusion of Fire and Water. Polycephal lizards with hissing voices and cunning minds, they are poisonous beasts. Native to swamps, they secrete a violet fluid that is poison to any living thing, even more so than the violently necrophagic venom of the Manticore

Killing a Hydra can prove difficult, for as their legendary heritage suggests, slicing off one of their heads will only lead to that head splitting at the neck and becoming two. Legend speaks of every Hydra having, somewhere near the heart, a human head that can be killed without splitting, but no one has been able to verify this.

Hydras are unique among many Elementals in that they are purely malicious, and almost all of them are intent on destruction, chaos, and murder. Hydras will often surround themselves with sickly servants who will do their bidding until the venom of the beast eventually kills them. In fact, the reputation of malice of the Hydras is so nefarious that many sorcerers have suggested they are merely a form of Other; that while they were once elementals that truely embodied acid, all of them have since been corrupted by the Abyss.