Heavenly city

Heaven is accessible only to the purest of heart.

Heaven is the Realm of Light, the home of the Angels and the dominion of Apollion. An idealistic city with rigorous codes of conduct, it is built from white marble and hidden away in the very heart of the sun. Angels are almost the only beings found here, and their society is divided into strict castes, called the Choirs. The lowest choir, of servants and followers, is the Cherubim. The second, usually occupied by the warriors and artisans, is the class of the Seraphim. Nobles and leaders are called Archangels and rarely seen even by their own kind.

Heaven is also the place where, through rigorous training and disciplined teaching, the souls of the worthy are turned into angels themselves. In the Great Game, those who are guided to the light by Apollion or his angels and choose a life of asceticism and meek servitude are taken to Heaven after their death. If they are truly pure of heart the process of becoming angelic is easy, but if they have sinned before the vice is purified from them in an extremely painful process called Enlightening.

Heaven is heavily shielded against the Others with walls of pure light, and has never been breached by an attack of the Abyss.