Gouivres inhabit caverns of their own creation.

Gouivres are the elementals of Erosion, formed from the recombination of Earth and Water. Related to the Merpeople, Gouivres are different in that their lower body possesses short legs as well as fins, similar to those of a turtle and suitable for digging. Amphibious beings, they are reclusive and often live in troglodytic lairs.

As the Elementals of Erosion, they are capable of boring into rock using the force of water, and they can tunnel and 'swim' through solid stone and ground as easily as the merfolk can swim through water. A challenged Gouivre will often fight by burrowing below her adverseries and bursting from the ground with a blood-chilling scream, her claws at the ready, only to dissapear once more as soon as the offending intruder has been destroyed. In their burrows, they collect the bones of their meals and their kills, creating mounds known as Ossuaries. In the case of the most ancient Gouivres, there can be centuries worth of bones littering the cavern floor...