Golem are hulking beasts of mud and clay.

The first golems were elementals , born from clay, the combination of Earth and Water. Hulking creatures, vaguely human-shaped and made from living clay, the golems are particularly low on the scale of intelligence, posessing very little independance. 

They quickly became harnessed by the sorcerers as manual labor, serving as elemental slaves for the things the sorcerers were not willing to do themselves. Easily invoked, a golem can be given artificial life by carving the sigil "Emeth" (life) on its forehead. When the time to destroy the golem has come, the "E" can be smudged, and the remeaining spell "Meth" (death) will destroy it. 

Golems have sometimes shown a spirit of rebellion, and attempted to break free of their masters. These golems are called "sparked" golems, as a reference to the spark of the Nexus that sorcerers all posess. A sparked golem, if given enough time, will eventually become a human themselves.