The string of nonsensical gibberish that escaped the mouths of these creatures is enough to drive anyone insane.

Gibberlings are the recombined elementals of Madness, born from a combination of Air and Dark. Horrific in appearance and monstrous in stature, they are almost impossible to describe. Formed from a mound of ever changing, scarified flesh, they appear to be formed from a swarming mass of ravenous mouths and mad, gazing eyes.

Without rhyme or reason, they drift through reality, moaning and whispering and coughing out a string of terrifying gibberish that earned them their name. Although comical and benign at first, the sounds will rapidly lead to feverish reactions in sentient creatures, followed by a permanent and fatal degradation of their sanity.

Gibberlings have been known to show manipulation of all elements of Magic, but have very little control over which is used when or whether it is used at all. A Gibberling aiming to slice an enemy with a metallic blade may very well explode in a sudden burst of fire, and quickly reassemble into several smaller Gibberlings which would drift away incoherently.