800x618 1272 Quetzalcoatl 2d fantasy dragon picture image digital art

The mythical Quetzcoatl is locked inside the largest temple of the Feathers.

The Feathers of the Serpent are an ancient Secret with ties going far back to southern Amerindian sorcerers. Recognized for their proficiency with architecture and their capacity for war, they are reknowned as the builders of some of the most powerful artefacts and structures of the ancient Secrets. Their name is derived from the creature that they worship, an ancient being that is far from anything elemental or other. Theories have failed to explain its existence, and the bloodthirsty serpent known as Quetzalcoatl is known simply as the lord of the skies. 

The Feathers keep the great serpent trapped inside the greatest of their pyramids, feeding him the still-beating hearts of their victims as a way of appeasing his hunger. This Secret is perhaps the one most in tune with the Cosmic beings, using symbols carved into the desert floor and structures as high as mountains to reach them. This has lead to theories that the Cosmic beings, such as the Astrals or Chronals, charged the Feathers of the Serpent with imprisoning Quetzacoatl long ago.


This Secret is the only known system that does not possess a ruling Triad. They have a king who leads them, and monarchic traditions in terms of descendance, but all of the sorcerers in the Feathers of the Serpent use elemental Magic, having nothing akin to a Rhymer, Lorekeeper, or Alchemist.