Necromancer s call by athayar-d48u2vd

Fallen have the ability to use Necromancy, magic that can animate the dead

Sorcerers are usually loyal and sworn to defend their kin, but every so often the temptations of power are too much to resist, and an adept of magic surrenders their heart and soul to the Abyss. In exchange for this betrayal, Fallen gain far beyond the magic of the Nexus, and the ability to manipulate the essence of darkness itself.

Fallen are universally hated and hunted by the Secrets, who have particularly cruel methods of disposing of them.

Necromancers universally master the magic of Dark, as well as secondary capacities from every element they mastered before they Fell. Calculating and cruel, Fallen have the perverted creativity of a human mind coupled with the raw power of an Other, which makes them particularly manipulative and dangerous. 

Fallen also have the unique capacity of Necromancy, which allows them to raise and control the bodies of the dead. They can create a twisted echo of life in rotting flesh and vegetation, animating it into amorphous masses of putrefying flesh that obey their every command.

A Fallen still has the weaknesses of a human body, and although they are much more resistant to damage, can still be destroyed by most methods that would harm a human. Some Fallen will turn into Liches after their death, however, becoming undead themselves for long enough to avenge their demise before they decompose into a blast of sulphurous ash.