Eladrin 4

The Elves embody elements of the seasonal cycle.

The Elves are the children of the Nymphs and mortal men. Grandchildren of the god of the Wild, Atlar, they are powerful sorcerers and noble beings. Ageless and graceful, elves possess eyes that show no iris or pupil, simply a molten swirl of elemental power. 

Many of them live in Petra, the living city-Realm of Earth, who they collectively know as Grandmother. Master artisans, elves do not construct buildings out of stone and mortar, prefering to 'sing' stone and trees into the shapes they desire. Elves are paticularly adept at enchantments, and many of their objects contain locked spells that activate only under certain circumstances. Elves are usually loyal and noble beings, but they have an arrogant streak to them that comes with being directly related to a god, and they can be frustratingly condescending and superior.