The dreaded fiery breath of a dragon can melt steel in seconds

Dragons are the Elementals of Fire, and wrongly assumed to be mostly an evil race. Dragons embody the rage and passion of flames, and as such can be difficult to converse with, but they have a civil nature when necessary and don't hesitate to fight against the Others.

Dragons have a society mostly composed of individuals who amass gold and mortal followers around themselves, reveling in their own power. Dragons are few in number but posess an immense strength. Most dragons can also take a human shape, 

Dragon Hatchling

A dragon hatchling.

although that shape generally retain draconic traits (reptilian eyes, small horns, a faint spattering of scales). They also come in an almost infinite variety of colors and sizes, even though blood red is the most common. The fire of a dragon always matches its scales, but they all burn white-hot.

Some dragons are voluntarily or otherwise corrupted by the Abyss, and in doing so they become Serpents.