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Babel is the palace of the Deities.

The Deities are considered the ultimate forms of the Elementals, creatures of incredible power that embody the essence of their element.

The Deities are the sentient components of the Nexus, and the distinction between a deity and their element is hard to define.

No deity has ever died, but there is a worrying theory that if that were to happen, the element that they represented would be lost to the world forever.

Primordial Deities

Celestial Deities

Minor Deities

El and Lilith

  • Lilith is sometimes considered to be the deity of the Abyss.

The collective of all six Deities in one being, the sentient and cogent strength of all magical energy in the world, is known as El.

Contested Deities

  • The Star of Flesh Ascended Otherwise known as Magnus, this being makes claims of being a deity over the sphere of life and death. Whether or not this is true is the source of much debate.