Heroes of newerth kali by izaskun-d60w20k

The Priests and Priestesses of Kali resemble their goddess.

The Church of Kali is an ancient Secret, focused mainly around India. A powerful religion of sorcerers, they adhere to a faith that worships the goddess of Death as the Dark Mother, and use necromantic rituals to honor Her.

Kali is percieved as the ultimate force of vengeful destruction, the avatar of justice and the ending to all things. The Church of Kali worship her as their guardian, and as a being of finite judgement and authority. Their faith is based around the notion that if they appease the Goddess, she will be merciful when their time comes. Despite the notions of evil some associate with Kali, she is not in fact a malicious goddess; on the contrary, she represents the triumph of celestial justice.

In a palace of carved basalt lighted with blue-flamed torches, the Church honor a large idol of Kali carved entirely from lapis luzali, gold, and ivory. The priests themselves resemble her, and their blue-tinged skins and multiple arms represent hierarchy. The high priest or priestess all possess six arms and blue-gray skin, dressed in very little but gold and the remains of their enemies.


The Triad of the Chuch is formed at any given time by the High Priestess and High Priest. They form a faith-related marriage, a pair representing the dual forces of destruction and creation. The third member  is considered to be lower on the scale of hierarchy. Much like the Mortal Goddess of the Temple of Bastet, the true name of anyone elevated to this position is replaced with the generic name of the position.

Shiva: Shiva is the ultimate force of destruction and the avatar of Kali, as well as the rhymer of her Triad. She has a fiery and vengeful temper, her six arms put to very good use in a fight, each one able to channell one of the basic types of magic. She has a much softer, maternal side, one she shows towards the children she bore with her lover.

Vishnu: Vishnu is the opposite of his wife and the quintessential force of creation. Like her, he possesses darkn blue skin and six arms, but these are put to much more use creating potions and catalyzers as the alchemist. Mild-mannered and kind-hearted, Vishnu is much easier approached and much less decisive than his fiery wife, and as such is often sought out to bestow the favors of the Church.

Ganesha: Ganesha is the Lorekeeper of the Church and the eldest son of Vishnu and Shiva. He is most well known for the fact that he possesses, unlike his parents, only four arms and beige skin, however he constantly wears a mask of rosewood in the shape of an elephant's face. He uses an artefact known as the Tusk, a small, worn elephant tusk that possesses the ability to bestow almost any knowledge available to the Church.