Chevaliers are the only humans who wield and wear Seraphite.

Chevaliers are the Elite Sorcerers of the Court of Versailles. Honor-bound knights trained with a rigorous code of moral obligation, they are easily recognized by the coruscating armor they wear as a sign of their position. Chevaliers are the only humans able to wield the celestial metal of Seraphite, forged in the fires of Heaven by the Angels of Apollion.

Extremely adept at most forms of weapon-based combat, the Chevaliers are each given a blessed weapon of their choice when they complete their training and ascend from their position as a Squire. Made from an alliage of Seraphite and Electrum (a combination of gold and silver), laced with veins of cold-forged iron, and infused with Light, these weapons are specifically designed to exploit the weaknesses of the Others, specifically the Lucareth, as well as the Fae. Known as Soul-forged, these remarkable weapons are incredibly rare, each named by the Chevalier that wields them.

Another distinctive trait of this order is their use of the Pegasi, mounts infused with divine energy and known collectively as the Elementals of Courage. The bond between a Chevalier and their mount is a strong one, and often the Elemental will speak to its rider telepathically. If a Chevalier is killed, its Pegasus dies at the same time as its master. Chevaliers also usually manipulate the element of Light as well as one of its combinations, barring anything associated with the Dark.