Changeling trick

Changeling children are mischievous in nature.

Changelings are the children of humans or sorcerers and the Fae. Witty and mischievous creatures, Changelings are best known for being the most adept shapeshifters of the world, turning into almost any form or being in a matter of seconds. Although their true form is always that of a young child, they grow extremely quick and usually have the mind of an adult within a few days.

Changelings are difficult to raise and create a bond with, because they spend most of their time pulling harmless but amusing pranks on anyone that tries to befriend them. They are sociable but also quite self absorbed sometimes, and don't appear to care if their 'jokes' are hurting the people they should feel compassion for.

Changelings are particularly creative and often artistically gifted, with inclinations in the arts, especially music. They are able to play faerie tunes that force anyone to dance along, and they can change their voice to imitate that of anyone else. Changelings, like Fae, are vulnerable to iron and salt which will burn them, and a blade dipped in salt and stabbed through the heart will kill them.


Changelings are extremely convincing shapeshifters, able to move from one form to the next with little more hesitation than rippling water. Surrounded by green light, they can imitate the voice, appearance, scent, and spirit of almost any living being. They cannot imitate their magic or their strength, however, and a Changeling in dragon form will not be any more dangerous than one in the form of a mouse.