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Cecaeliae are curious by nature, but not to be underestimated.

Cecaeliae are the recombined elementals of Ink, created from a combination of Water and Dark. Closely related to the Merpeople, they are intelligent and inquisitive creatures, generally making their home in obsidian palaces deep below the surface of the water.

Often ostracized for their habit of delving into Occultism, they are especially gifted with the manipulation of black magic. It is a talent that they always have possessed. They are known to offer bargains to those that have something they can exploit and provide them with their talents in exchange for a cost, a token really.

Cecaelia naturally possess the gift of manipulating ink, and can cloud and corrupt the water around them within seconds. For this reason they are often exiled from Atalan and forced away from the aquatic elementals, because their gifts make them incredibly powerful in an underwater habitat.