When a Bond is cast, the Blood Moon shines with celestial fire, echoing the link.

A Blood Moon Bond is an extremely rare and powerful ritual of Occultism that can only be cast during a Blood Moon. It is the only way for Sorcerers, Others, or Elementals to regain their powers and their access to Magic during the seven days and nights of a blood moon, but the risks associated with it are rarely worth the benefits. Blood moon bonds cannot be broken without killing both parties.

Containing elements of duality associated with both White Occultism and Black Occultism, it can be cast by any two willing people. The method is simple; each must drink a cup of the other's blood from goblets carved out of copper and ruby, and carve a pentagram representing the spell into the skin of their left hand. The effects immediately take over, bonding the two closer than twins.

Blood Moon bonds create an empathic link so powerful that both of the bonded can draw magic from the other and use it as their own; however, any wound inflicted on one of them is immediately replicated on the other. Killing one of the bonded will destroy both of them, and likewise healing one will heal both. Their thoughts and emotions are impossible to hide from one another, creating a proximity that most find unnerving, and those who are not ready to be bonded often go insane from the inevitability of their shared thoughts. A bonded pair cannot go too far apart physically; if they distance themselves too much a searing pain spreads in their heart, increasing as they separate, eventually ending in death if they distance themselves by more than thirteen hundred metres.

Bonds of this kind are the stuff of myth and legend, spoken of only rarely. Successful bonded pairs are rare, and their added strength is matched only by their added vulnerability. Bonded pairs can be recognized because one of their irises is exchanged with their partner.