Atlar is the sentient essence of the wild.

"I am the beauty of the wild. I am the roots of the forest. I am the hunger of the predator, the emerald of the canopy, the primal urge of life. I am Earth."Edit

God of EarthEdit

Altar is the Deity of Earth. Also known as the Patient One, he is the most paternal of the deities, nuturing and protective. Atlar also demonstrates a darker side, one of absolute conviction. He can be heartlessly cold when he needs to, and he knows that all things must die.

Atlar is the god of the Fae, although they have a surprising amount of autonomy. It is more likely that Atlar exists alone in the heart of the deepest woods than him acting as a ruler in the faerie kingdom, and his children mostly decide their rules alone under the jurisdiction of the Courts.