Demons and Angels share surprisingly similar traits.

In the story of the Roleplay, several different forces are at work, all warring for supremacy and to achieve their own goals. As this can be somewhat confusing, this page is a complete list of the most influential alignments of forces in the story and what they are trying to achieve.

The Secrets and the DeitiesEdit

The Secrets and several of the Elementals, including the powerful Deities, are striving to protect Magic and the Nexus from the onslaughts of the Others. To achieve this they often work together, although every Secret has their own goals and philosophies, which can be further understood on their individual page.

Lilith and the OthersEdit

Lilith and the Others are attempting to achieve their goal of destroying the Nexus in the name of the Abyss, and in doing so consume the strength of all Magic. They are a powerful force coordinated by the talent of the Abyss to adapt to its enemies; corrupting Elementals and rebuilding and molding itself to achieve its insidious goal.

Apollion and the Great GameEdit

As well as fighting the forces of the Abyss, Apollion is also engaged in a war against Mephisto. With the forces of the Archangels, Apollion is attempting to influence human nature towards acts of benevolence and justice. Once a human that has acted well dies, their soul is reaped by the Seraphim and sent to Heaven, where it may become an Angel to further the goals of the lord of Light.

Mephisto and the Great GameEdit

As well as opposing the forces of the Abyss, Mephisto also battles Apollion for the victory in the Great Game. Using the corruption of the Archdevils, the lord of Dark hopes to corrupt human souls into acts of cruelty and sin. Once this has been achieved, their souls are reaped by the Nightmares and brought to Hades where they may become Demons themselves to continue fighting in the war.

KOSMOS and the Human worldEdit

KOSMOS is an organization created by a coallition of governments and private organizations to understand the use of Magic. Most humans are unaware of the existence of sorcerers, who are hidden among them through various methods. The goal of KOSMOS, through random experimentation with various artefacts and the applied study of magical beings, is to understand and more specifically to weaponize magical tools.

Neutral beings and OccultistsEdit

Some creatures desire to remain neutral in the war. Often practitioners of Occultism or Elementals that are more reclusive in their habits, though sometimes including rogue sorcerers, some of them have formed a loose alliance under the command of three Gorgons known as the Kardia Triplets. Others simply remain hidden, refusing to use their abilities for either side of either war.