Potions are the specialty of an Alchemist

The Alchemist is a member of the Triad in a Secret. Alchemists are part way between the Lorekeeper and the Rhymer, due to the knowledge that they must learn and the magic they can inherently manipulate. Alchemists have the ability to channel magic into physical objects, such as potions or artefacts. The constructions of an alchemist are varied, but must be built over time, and nurtured slowly into being. 


The creations of an Alchemist are often varied and numerous, but the most common forms of them include potions and weapons. Potions are used to direct and store magic that has a specific intent, and magical weapons are enchanted by an Alchemist into becoming artefacts. Alchemists can also create constructs of pure magical energy known as Golems.

Weapons created by Alchemists are done so by the use of Binding Magic, to imbue a weapon with the properties of one or more elements of Magic.

Fallen Secret

The Alchemist of the Court of Versailles was known as Nathaniel. He was the cause of the destruction of his Secret, when he betrayed them for the Other known as Lilith. Nathaniel was seduced and manipulated into the betrayal, and lives on now as a corrupted sorcerer, and a powerful enemy to the Secret.